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“Helping you relieve the pain, so you can get back to life.”

Our Online Pain Management & Care PROMISE:

Mend is a telemedicine Online pain management & care service lead by a team of extensively-trained and experienced pain specialists who can continually treat and guide you through your journey to manage your pain. Whether you need conservative therapy, medication, or more advanced treatment, we are here to provide evidence and experience-based recommendations to ensure you are safely treated.

What is an online pain specialist?

Pain management specialists have a high level of training and experience in diagnosing and treating different kinds of acute and chronic pain. The pain specialists are fellowship-trained and board certified in pain management after years of training. You may wonder how pain management specialists are different from other health care providers. Pain specialists are trained and dedicated to only treating pain complaints. The pain management field has advanced a lot and continues to become more complex, so seeing a specialist early on helps to make sure you get treated efficiently. It is usually more economical as less testing is typically ordered.

  • Quickly diagnose potential sources for your pain
  • Create an effective treatment plan for your pain, whether acute or chronic
  • Recommend specialized tests for diagnosing chronic pain conditions
  • Appropriately prescribe and manage medications to unique conditions
  • Conduct procedures like nerve blocks and spinal injections
  • Coordinate additional care, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, psychological therapy or rehabilitation, and surgery
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Convenient Quality Online Care

Get online pain management & care from your home
You can have access to your pain specialist via telephone or video. After hours and weekend visits are available.

Get an expert medical opinion
Advice and answers on a medical condition, diagnosis, treatment option, or surgery from an experienced pain specialist

Medical Records
Your medical information is kept in a secure electronic medical record system. You will have access to your records.

What We Commonly Treat

Low Back Pain

Low back pain can happen to anyone at any age. We will help determine the possible causes of your low back pain based on your situation. We will then provide treatment recommendations.


Headache causes can vary. Most are not actually migraines. We can help determine what the cause of your headaches and provide reasonable long-term treatment options.

Car Accident Injuries

Whether the collision was your fault or not, car accidents are mentally and physically taxing. Going to the ER and urgent care is often costly and typically does not provide you with any treatment plan.  Mend specialists have extensive experience in this area and should be your first stop if you have accident-related pain. The Medpay portion of your auto insurance plan will cover any visits with a Mend specialist

Neck Pain

Just like low back pain, neck pain can happen to anyone at any age. Did you know that whiplash injuries can lead to chronic pain?

Muscle Sprain

Injuring muscles can often be an associated symptom of other problems in your body. Often times, muscle sprain heals within a short period of time. If it does not, come talk with a Mend specialist for explanations.

Work Injuries

Getting hurt at work is often very frustrating. There is are often delays in obtaining care. Mend pain specialist have advice on how to treat your pain, so you don’t have to wait and miss work.

Sciatica/Pinched Nerves

A pinched nerve can happen in various parts of the body. Many patients will just “wake up” with it one day. Did you know that surgery is not the only option available to you?


Damage to the nerve can happen for various reasons. Diabetic neuropathy is one common cause. Medications are not the only treatment option.

Sports Injuries

Playing sports are a wonderful way to exercise and stay in shape, but sometimes you wished you just stuck to playing sports on your videogame console. If you find yourself having trouble playing sports like golf, it may be a sign that there is a problem that just won’t heal on its own.


Benefits to Choosing MEND

Convenient Virtual or Telephone Access

All visits will be done through Mend. You schedule appointments are your convenience using the online patient portal. Whether you are a working professional or stay at home parent, virtual appointments save time and money. No more commuting to and from your appointments. Online patient intake forms will also expedite your visits.

Nationwide Availability

In remote parts of the United States, pain specialists are often hard to come by, and seeing a pain specialist often meant driving long distances until now. If you are traveling out of state and need to be seen, you will always have access to Mend pain specialists. If you move out of your current city or state, your records will remain in our system and can always be accessed.

Save Time and Money

Since Mend specialists treat pain exclusively, explanations, diagnosis, and treatment can be arrived at more quickly. You are less likely to endure unnecessary testing and medically inappropriate treatments while we manage your care.

Top Notch Network of Specialists

Mend is here to coach you through your treatment, and we may recommend collaborators including other physician specialists in your neighborhood. The general public does not know that not all board certifications for physicians are the same. Many of these certifications are not accredited by supervising medical state medical boards. In the wrong hands, your treatment may not be optimized for you. These specialists that work with Mend are vetted and screened to ensure they have the proper credentials so they can provide quality care for you.



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